About Us

Chris Moody had the opportunity to literally pursue one of his dreams to live in Hawaii and now has combined that setting with doing what he loves in coaching. Having been one of the nation’s coaching experts in the field of athletic performance, Chris has now developed a program to help visitors that come to Hawaii to take that aloha spirit back home with them in a program called “Live Your Paradise”.

He thought of the idea while staying at the Four Seasons Hualalai after noticing the offerings that you could do at that resort and thought what if someone who was visiting spent one hour of their time building a blueprint to “live their paradise”. The session will take place over the course of an hour and be comprised of numerous components that will leave you with that aloha spirit in all facets of your life. There are numerous options available to continue working together, assessments, and retreat experiences that can supplement this experience.

Chris will still continue to work with high performing athletes to help them become their very best in and away from their respective sport, as well as those professional athletes that are transitioning back out of their respective sports. Combining a mix of expertise in Core Performance Dynamics, developing powerful sales teams, and years of military experience that took him around the world, Chris works to map out and implement strategies that will accompany his clients for a lifetime of success

Chris values the path he has traveled to get to the point he has arrived at today. He served ten years in the US Air Force, including one as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, owned several businesses in the aerospace and logistics industries, has received numerous college degrees including a MBA from the University of Redlands, Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle University, and a certificate from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Chris is one of a handful of people in the world to have been trained in their Core Performance Dynamics program that is solely focused and tailored to the advancement of performance in athletes. He resides on the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife Cassie, son Andrew, daughter Allison, and dog James.