Athlete Program

    • Work one-on-one with you over the phone, on Skype, or through Zoom (with the
      exception of retreat experiences here in Hawaii)
    • Take the ELI Assessment prior to our first meeting as well as filling out on-boarding
    • The work we will do together will take place every other week for one hour for a
      minimum of 12 sessions
    • We will utilize a program called CORE Performance Dynamics that is geared
      specifically toward high performing athletes
    • As part of this process it will help to make you the best athlete you can be from a
      mental perspective in and away from your sport
    • You will learn how to understand your energetic profile, set meaningful goals, combat
      adversity, and create lifelong success and transition plans
    • The fee is $300 per session and will be discounted to $3,000 if the program is paid for
      in advance
    • The topics covered are expansive and powerful with the intention of pushing you
      outside your comfort zone
    • We have worked with athletes across MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL as well as Collegiate
      and High School athletes
    • This program works well for the transitioning athlete as well that is struggling to find
      what to do next after being a highly successful athlete
Antonio Penn NFL Free Agent
Antonio Penn NFL Free Agent