Leadership Coaching

As a member and leader of numerous sales teams throughout my career, I have seen firsthand the power of having the right team and surrounding ingredients in place. A corporate setting can be toxic to a number of people and drive them away from that environment. The question becomes, will you be part of the problem or part of the solution? As an entrepreneur, there are many challenges that arise on a minute by minute basis within your company. Where will the work come from? Am I doing all the things necessary to make my business work?  How will my product or service be viewed? Is my cash flow enough to sustain my lifestyle? What is my overall mission statement? Don’t worry, our Leadership Coaching sessions will put your concerns at ease.

These and many other questions can have you peeking at your clock at all hours of the night. Stress can truly snowball without a solid foundation and a true accountability partner to help you achieve your overall goals. Let us help you optimize you as a leader and assemble the right tools to get revenue numbers soaring and establish a rhythm within your life that can sustain an energy that makes you feel more alive than ever before.

Leadership Coaching Programs

We have two programs that are suited to the business world. The first is one on one coaching that transpires over 12 sessions and deals with a variety of topics like goal setting and building your individual success formula. The other option is to work with a small team of people within a division (Sales, HR, Executives, etc.) that does group coaching that focuses on a small variety of topics or a singular topic.

Some of the other topics that can be covered are:

• Core Performance Dynamics Coaching
• Configuring the Review Process
• Team Building Exercises
• Interviewing Techniques
• Personal Development Coaching
• Incentive Based Decision Making
• Goal Setting
• Spiritual Awakening
• Assessment Solutions
• Energy Level Understanding
• Business Accountability
• Small Business Optimization
• Synergistic Brainstorming
• Energy Level Mastery
• Energy Blocks & Obstacle Avoidance
• Viewing Situations Differently
• Strategic Goal Setting
• Visionary Exercises
• Assessment Implementation
• Change Adaptation

Leadership Coaching
Please contact us today to inquire about our Leadership Coaching programs at coach@moodypacific.com