Sports Performance Coach

If you’re a professional athlete, congratulations for having reached the top of the mountain in your respective sport. For you collegiate athletes out there, whether you have reached the heights of Division 1 or are playing at a lower level, if your dream in sports doesn’t pan out, where will your next endeavor take you? And if you are just starting your path at the high school level, the opportunities are limitless, distractions numerous, and a blank slate is available to chart your course. The question for all of you is, now where do you go from here? Our Sports Performance Coach may be able to help you move forward.

We offer a standard 12 session package that includes an assessment of where you are today, goal planning, a look at possible distraction influencers and how those can be addressed, understanding energy and the power of consciousness, and the ability to create a success formula for you that creates a winning product in and away from your sport.

If you are seeking a program that will ensure accountability for all of your goals, the development and implementation of your success formula, and something that will accompany you through your preseason, in-season, and postseason activities, then our Playbook Package would be the best fit. This is an intensive season long program that will strive for your best on a daily basis.

Our services in the Playbook Package include, but are not limited to:

• Core Performance Dynamics Coaching
• Examining Intimate & Social Relationships
• Personal Development Coaching
• Spiritual Awakening
• Exploring Enjoyment & Relaxation
• Family & Parenting Planning
• Career Transition
• Social Circle and Peer Development
• Unique Success Formulation
• Character Coaching
• Transition from Collegiate to Professional Sports
• Exploring two key questions: Who am I? Why do I do what I do?
• Strategic Goal Setting
• Formulation of the A, B, & C Plans
• Visualization Exercises
• Determining Your Energy Level
• Overcoming Energy Blocks
• Various assessments measuring strengths/weaknesses
• Coaching Between Parents and High School Athletes
• Range of Engagement Exercises

Sports Performance Coach
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